Soucisse/Firus Eighth At Bosphorus Cup

In their 2023/2024 season debut, ice dancers Carolane Soucisse and Shane Firus have finished eighth at the Bosphorus Cup in Istanbul,  Türkiye.

For their rhythm dance, the Irish national champions opted to use a selection of music by Rick James. They opened with a midline step sequence which was rated Level 2. Unfortunately, in the sequential twizzle sequence that followed Soucisse fell which cost the team in terms of points for that element. Their pattern step sequence was graded Level 2 while they received four points for their choreographic rhythm sequence. They closed out with a Level 4 rotational lift. A score of 56.41 points had them in 14th place overnight.

Soucisse and Firus commenced their free dance with a choreographic step sequence. Skating to “Hier Encore” sung by Charles Aznavour and an instrumental version of “La Boheme”, they next included Level 4 straight line and rotational lifts which were followed by a diagonal step sequence graded Level 2 for Soucisse and Level 3 for Firus. Their one foot turns sequence received a Level 3 for Soucisse and a Level 2 for Firus, while they were awarded Level 4 and Level 3 for their synchronised twizzles. Two choreographic elements, a slide and a spin, were sandwiched between a Level 4 dance spin and a Level 4 stationary lift which wrapped up their routine. They finished seventh in the free scoring 101.77 points and an overall total of 158.18 points.

Soucisse and Firus will compete again next week at Golden Spin of Zagreb, an ISU Challenger Series event.