Soucisse and Firus 13th At Maiden Europeans

Carolane Soucisse and Shane Firus have completed their journey at the 2024 ISU European Figure Skating Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania finishing 13th in the ice dance event. In addition to becoming the first ice dancers to represent Ireland at the championships, they also became the first skaters representing Ireland to advance to the final round of competition in the 133 year history of the championships.
Soucisse and Firus skated 23rd of the 33 competing teams participating at these European Championships in the rhythm dance with only the top 20 teams advancing to the free dance. Performing to a Rick James medley for their 1980s themed routine, they opened with a Midline Step Sequence and followed that with a Synchronised Twizzle Sequence. They next nailed a Pattern Type Step Sequence and a Choreographic Rhythm Sequence. They closed out strongly with a difficult Level 4 Rotational Lift. They earned 66.69 points, a new season best.
Earlier this evening they took to the ice inside the Zalgirio Arena to perform in the free dance. Skating to “Hier Encore” by Charles Aznavour and an instrumental version of La Boheme, the current Irish champions opened with a Choreographic Character Step Sequence to set the tone for the routine. They followed that with a lift combination comprising a Straight Line Lift and a Rotational Lift and a Diagonal Step Sequence and One Foot Turns Sequence. Their Synchronised Twizzle Sequence was graded a Level 4 by the technical panel, the highest possible, as was their Dance Spin. They closed with a Choreographic Slide, a Choreographic Spin and a Level 4 Stationary Lift earning 101.50 points for their free and a combined total score of 168.19 points, both of which were new Season Bests.
“We’re very happy with how we skated,” Firus said. “We wanted to enjoy today, be very patient and really feel the moment as we were doing it.”
“It could have been a little bit intimidating with the crowd, but it was amazing,” Soucisse said. “We really stayed focused. We did just like in training and it went great. We were a bit tired at the end, but we held it up pretty well.”