Judge 10th At Denkova Staviski Cup

Dillon Judge has finished in 10th place overall at this weekend’s Denkova-Staviski Cup in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It was a tough start for Judge in the short programme as he fell on an opening triple Salchow. However, he came back to tack on a double toe loop to his originally planned solo triple toe loop jump. He continued with a Level 2 change foot camel spin and a Level 4 change foot combination spin before stepping out on the landing of a double Axel. He concluded with a Level 3 flying sit spin and a Level 2 step sequence to earn a score of 42.85 points and putting him in 11th place overnight.

In contrast to the short, Judge got his free skating off to a flying start by landing a triple toe loop and then nailing a triple Lutz cleanly for the first time in his competitive career. A subsequent double Axel had a step out, but he settled down to execute a Level 4 flying sit spin. He just about pulled off a triple Salchow-double Axel sequence and followed that with a Level 1 change foot camel spin and a choreographic step sequence. His final jumping passes were a triple Salchow, a double Lutz-Euler-double Salchow and a double loop. He ended with a change foot combination spin and was awarded a free score of 95.58 points for ninth place in the segment and a total of 138.43.