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Irish Speed Skaters At Munich Open

Kevin Hegarty and Laura Hegarty skated this weekend at the 10th Munich Open for short track speed skating. The event was held 4-5 March inside the Munich Olympic Ice Stadium.

Laura skated in the Girls Junior E category and Kevin skated in the Boys Junior C category. Both of them skated over two distances each with a total of nine races over the two days.

On the first day, Laura skated in the 500m heats with a personal best of 1:09.286 and improved it to 1:08.353 in winning her finals group to come 18th overall in a category of 24 participants. Kevin skated in the heats and finals of the 777m and came 9th overall with a personal best time of 1:41.322. At the end of the day, Laura skated in the 333m heats.

The second day of competition saw Laura winning her 333m semi-final and ended in the finals with an improved overall position of 13th and a new personal best time of 43.619 seconds. Kevin skated in the 500m heats and finals to finish 9th with a personal best of 1:04.193.

Both Kevin and Laura were participants in the ISAI speed skating camp in January and used what they learned there to great effect in Munich.