Judge Bags Bronze At Triglav Tropy

Dillon Judge has finished third at this weekend’s Triglav Trophy in Jesenice, Slovenia.

Judge began his final international of the season with yesterday’s short programme. He opened with a triple salchow-double toe loop combination and then stepped out of a triple Lutz. He executed a Level 3 change foot camel spin and a Level 3 change foot combination spin before his final jump, a double Axel. He closed his routine with a Level 2 flying sit spin and a Level 3 step sequence. He earned 52.55 points, his best score in the segment all season, which put him in 3rd place overnight.

Earlier today, Judge performed in the free skating. He began his programme by nailing a triple toe loop. As in the short, he had issues again with the triple Lutz and then fell on a double Axel. He attained Level 4 for a flying sit spin and cleanly landed a triple Salchow. A Level 2 change foot camel spin garnered him a positive grade of execution. Things did not go his way on a subsequent triple Salchow-single Axel jump sequence and on a double Lutz-Euler-single Salchow. He received Level 2 for his step sequence before singling a planned double loop. He ended with a Level 4 change foot combination spin and a choreographic step sequence. He scored 82.51 points for the free which gave him a total 135.06 points and the bronze medal.

McAllister Scores Career High At Triglav Trophy

Sam McAllister (23) has capped off his international season with a silver medal and two new personal bests at the Triglav Trophy in Jesenice, Slovenia.

McAllister opened the senior men’s event yesterday in the short programme where he attempted a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination and a triple flip right out of the gate. He landed a double Axel and his final two spins were graded Level 4 by the technical panel. He received a score of 56.23 points to place third halfway through the competition.

Earlier today he performed in the free skating and reeled off a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination, a triple Salchow, a triple flip and a triple Lutz in quick succession. He also included two double Axels and a triple toe loop in his routine with all three of his spins awarded Level 4. He racked up a free score of 120.72 points to give him a total of 176.95 points and moved up to second place overall. Both scores represent new Irish national records.

“It has been a successful trip to Slovenia,” McAllister said. “Still some hard work to be done, but I will enjoy what I have achieved here this weekend.”