Tkacheva Receives Kingspan Kickstart Sports Fund Award

Sophia Tkacheva has been named as a recipient of a Kingspan Kickstart Sports Fund award. The County Wexford based figure skater will be presented with €1000 through the fund which has been created to assist up and coming athletes on the island of Ireland achieve their goals.

“Being awarded this scholarship is like a window of opportunity opening up for my figure skating career,” Tkacheva said. “Of course, I had hopes for the scholarship, but I never thought they would become a reality and I am so thrilled that they did! Now some of the barriers that I’ve faced in this sport will be easier to get around and I am so honoured to be rewarded in such a way for doing something that I really cherish. I would also like to thank the ISAI for alerting me to this scholarship.”

“I cannot think of a more deserving athlete than Sophia to benefit from this fund,” ISAI President Seán Gillis said. “Despite the challenging journey she has faced in her skating career, she has shown true dedication to her sport. I know that Sophia will put this fund to great use in helping reach her full potential.”