Soucisse/Firus Bag Bronze At Egna Dance Trophy

Carolane Soucisse and Shane Firus have finished third at the Egna Dance Trophy in Egna, Italy, the first medal for an Irish ice dance team in international competition.

In the rhythm dance, Soucisse and Firus opened with a Level 3 midline step sequence for both skaters. They received Level 4 for their sequential twizzles and Level 2 for their pattern dance type step sequence. They wrapped up their 1980s themed routine with a choreographic rhythm sequence and a Level 4 rotational lift. They scored 68.45 points for the segment, a new season best, placing themselves in second place at the halfway mark of the competition.

Soucisse and Firus commenced their free dance with a choreographic character step sequence. They next launched into a straightline and rotational lift combination before Soucisse and Firus earned Level 3 and Level 2 respectively for their diagonal step sequence. They continued with Level 2 one foot turns and Level 3 synchronised twizzles. A Level 4 dance spin preceded choreographic sliding and spinning movements before rounding out with a Level 4 stationary lift. For the free, they garnered 99.70 points to give them an overall score of 168.15 points and a bronze medal.