Judge 7th At Volvo Open Cup

Dillon Judge has finished seventh at the Volvo Open in Riga, Latvia.

On the first day of competition, Judge performed in the short programme. He opened with a triple Salchow-double toe loop jump combination, although a triple Lutz attempt that followed was not clean. He next included a Level 3 change foot camel spin and a Level 4 change foot combination spin, both receiving positive grades of execution from the judging panel. A double Axel went slightly awry and he just about managed to pull off a Level 3 flying sit spin. He closed out with a Level 2 step sequence to score 49.25 points.

In the free skating, the Irish champion began with a pristine triple toe loop. A triple Lutz and a double Axel-double Axel sequence that ensued were not as successful, but Judge fought hard and came back to execute a Level 4 flying sit spin. Unfortunately, he then fell on an underrotated triple Salchow. However, he rallied with a good Level 3 change foot camel spin and a choreographic step sequence. The triple Salchow again was not his friend as he fell on a second attempt as well as on a double Lutz-Euler-double Salchow jump sequence. He wrapped up his routine with a Level 2 step sequence, a double loop and a Level 2 change foot combination spin. He scored 77.61 points for the free giving him a total of 126.86 points.