Judge 4th; Tkacheva 27th at Sonja Henie Trophy

Dillon Judge and Sophia Tkacheva have finished fourth and 27th in their respective events at the Sonja Henie Trophy in Oslo, Norway this weekend.

In the Senior Men’s short programme, Judge got off to a solid start with a triple Salchow-double toe loop jump combination. Unfortunately, he fell on a triple Lutz and the change foot combination spin that followed received no value as it did not meet the requirements to be counted. A change foot combination spin was deemed to be Level 2. He had another fall on a double Axel before rounding out with a Level 2 flying sit spin and a Level 3 step sequence. He scored 37.29 points to put himself in fourth place overnight.

Judge returned the following day for the free skating. he began with a triple toe loop. He stood up this time on a triple Lutz even if it was over rotated. He then nailed a double Axel-double Axel sequence, a Level 4 flying sit spin and a triple Salchow. He then performed a Level 3 change foot camel spin and a choreographic step sequence. He followed with two jump combinations – a triple Salchow-double toe loop and a double Lutz-double toe loop. He concluded with a Level 2 step sequence, a double loop and a Level 3 change foot combination spin. He scored 90.32 points which placed him third in the free and gave him a total of 127.61 to remain in fourth place overall.

In the Junior Women’s short programme, Tkacheva got off to a shaky start with falls on a double Axel and a double flip, the latter of which was supposed to be in combination. She recovered with a Level 3 flying sit spin and a Level 2 layback spin. She landed a double Lutz and brought her routine to a close with a Level 3 step sequence and a Level 4 change foot combination spin. She earned 28.15 points to sit in 27th midway through the event.

Tkacheva began the free skating with an attempted double Axel which was downgraded. She next landed a double Salchow and singled a planned double Lutz. Her layback spin was graded Level 3 and she followed with a double loop. Another double loop immediately after resulted in a fall and the second part of a double flip-double toe loop combination was downgraded. She concluded her routine with a double flip, a choreographic step sequence, a Level 2 flying change foot sit spin and a Level 2change foot combination spin. She scored 46.90 points for her free and remained in 27th place overall with a total of 75.05 points.