The ISAI maintains a National Coaches Register of professionals engaged in ice skating instruction in Ireland.

The purpose of this register is to give skaters and parents’ reassurance that those individuals they engage to teach ice skating are committed to their professional development.

The National Register will confirm that registered coaches meet the minimum criteria of the ISAI to instruct at the appropriate level.  The ISAI will only contract services from those individuals, who meet the minimum criteria as outlined below and other provisions set from time to time by the ISAI Board of Directors, to provide coaching services to its members. The information provided by the coaches themselves for the purpose of registration will not be verified by the ISAI unless the ISAI engage that coach to deliver its skating programmes. It will remain the individual skater and or parents’ responsibility to do so with the coach they engage on a private basis for their individual skating requirements.

The ISAI would strongly recommend that before privately engaging a coach the skater and or parents verify the coach’s suitability and that they are committed to the minimum professional standards expected in the sport.

Coaches who wish to be included in the National Register should e-mail and request a registration form.


Registered Coaches 2014-2015 186 kb | pdf