Governing Structure

The ISAI, incorporated in 2007, is managed by an elected Board of Directors.

Affiliated Clubs

The following clubs are affiliated to the ISAI.


As the association grows and faces new challenges, the need for volunteers increases and assistance is always welcome.


The Ice Skating Association of Ireland (ISAI) is a non-profit organisation and funded by our members and other activities.

Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Notice – Introduction


Membership of the ISAI is open to individuals who meet a specific set of criteria.


Ice skating has been practised in Ireland since the 19th century, but has only become organised in the recent past.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about ice skating in Ireland, you can contact us by email or by post.


The Ice Skating Association of Ireland (ISAI) works with the following ice skating and sporting organisations.

Rules and Regulations

The ISAI has set down a set of rules and regulations that all members must agree to follow.

ISAI Communications

As of January 2016, the Ice Skating Association of Ireland (ISAI) will issue Communications via this website.

National Records

Irish national records in figure skating, speed skating and short track speed skating disciplines.


This section of the Ice Skating Association of Ireland website contains forms to download that you may find useful.

GDPR and Member Data Protection

The new GDPR legislation requires every organisation to inform its members what information it holds about them, who that in…

Children First

Ice Skating Association of Ireland (ISAI) provides sporting activities and opportunities for young people through participation in ISAI events