Judge 9th At Challenge Cup

Dillon Judge has finished ninth at this weekend’s Challenge Cup in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

In the short programme, Judge executed a triple Salchow-double toe loop combination to start. He then attempted a triple Lutz which he over rotated before performing a Level 3 change foot camel spin. A Level 2 change foot combination spin had some missing requirements which reduced its value. He cleanly landed a double Axel and closed out his routine with a Level 3 flying sit spin and a Level 2 step sequence. He scored 47.34 points to put himself in ninth place overnight.

Judge got his free skating off to a flying start with a triple toe loop and a triple Lutz with both jumps garnering positives grades of execution. He went for a double Axel-double Axel jump sequence to follow, but could not hold the landing on the second Axel. A Level 2 flying sit spin preceded a triple Salchow which he fell on. He continued with a Level 2 change foot camel spin and a choreographic step sequence. He attempted triple Salchow again, but the jump was not his friend today and it resulted in another fall. He concluded his free with a double Lutz, a Level 2 step sequence, a double loop and a Level 2 change foot combination spin. His free score of 79.63 points gave him a combined total of 126,97 points.