ISAI Member Workshop

A workshop regarding rule and regulation changes will be held for all Ice Skating Association of Ireland (ISAI) members at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown on 22 July from 10am.

Following a comprehensive review of the ISAI Rules and Regulations, a series of changes will become effective at the start of the 2017/2018 season. The rationale behind the changes is to ensure our Rules and Regulations conform to international rules as directed by the International Skating Union (ISU) and provide flexibility to be fit for purpose in Ireland.

The purpose of the workshop will be to summarise the changes. In due course, the revised sections (identifying the changes) will be circulated to  all members by email in advance of the workshop.  This is a great opportunity, if you have not already done so, to get your membership up to date to ensure that you receive your copy of the revised sections and are fully informed when the season begins.

The workshop is open to all members and their parents, and should be of particular interest to all coaches working with ISAI members to ensure that they are working with the correct test information and rules of the ISAI.