Coaches are essential when it comes to developing a skater’s skills and becoming an ISAI Professional Coach requires planning and commitment.

A certified coach is a committed, experienced and skilled professional. Coaches have a huge influence on the lives of their skaters and coaches always need to be cognisant of this and behave in a professional manner. In order to provide their skaters with the best possible instruction, coaches need to constantly educate themselves and keep abreast of all rule changes.

Currently, all ISAI coaches must meet the minimum criteria as outlined in Section 1100 of the ISAI Rules & Regulations.

To qualify as a registered coach an individual must fulfill all of the following requirements:

– All ISAI subscriptions and any coaching registration fees must be current.

– All coaches must renew their coach registration on the 1st July yearly with the ISAI.

– All coaches aged 18 and above must be Garda vetted

– All coaches aged 18 and above must hold current ISC Child Protection Certification.

– All coaches must adhere to the ISAI Code of Conduct.

– All coaches aged 18 and above must hold a current First Aid Certificate.


Section 900 – Coaching Requirements and Levels – 431 kb | .pdf