About Coaching

Becoming a professional skating coach requires planning and commitment to the profession.

A certified coach is an experienced, skilled and dedicated professional. Coaches have a huge impact on the lives of their skaters and coaches always need to be aware of this fact and conduct themselves in a professional manner. 

Currently, all ISAI coaches must meet the minimum criteria as outlined in Section 900 (currently under review) of the ISAI Rules & Regulations.

To qualify as a registered coach an individual must fulfill all of the following requirements:

- All ISAI subscriptions and any coaching registration fees must be current.

- All coaches must renew their coach registration on the 1st July yearly with the ISAI.

- All coaches aged 18 and above must be Garda vetted

- All coaches aged 18 and above must hold current ISC Child Protection Certification.

- All coaches must adhere to the ISAI Code of Conduct.

- All coaches aged 18 and above must hold a current First Aid Certificate.