Clara Peters Blogs From Triglav Trophy (Part 5)

Clara Peters celebrates EasterIn the fifth edition of her blog from Slovenia, Clara Peters gives us her impressions on how she fared in her free skating earlier today.

Happy Easter!

With a nice relaxed breakfast and a visit from the Easter Bunny under my belt, it was about time to get ready and head off to the rink for my free programme.

For once the bus times worked out! I got to the rink a little over an hour before my event. The on ice ice warm-up was well.. not the best. After a few hard falls, one on a double axel where I landed in almost a split, the six minutes were up. Skating third gave me a chance to walk around and refocus.

I was sure the silly mistakes were out of the way..but while being called onto the ice, I almost fell! Nothing counts till the music starts so its all good.

I opened with a solid double axel to get my feet under me. The rest was a little hit and miss. I did put out a good triple salchow and that’s all I wanted.

Now I’m back at the hotel to pack and have an early dinner. With a 4.25 am bus it will be an early night.

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