Clara Peters Blogs From Triglav Trophy (Part 4)

Clara Peters, Irish National Senior Champion 2011/2012In the fourth part of her blog from the Triglav Trophy in Jesenice, Slovenia, Clara Peters recounts a failed shopping expedition, a long day at the rink and late night healthy eating.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love shopping. Well, my shopping trip this morning was a bit of a failure.. I tried sooo hard to buy something and all I got was a postcard. Sadly, the snow is also all starting to melt, so no snowball fights today.

Once back at the hotel, we had a spot of lunch and then off to the rink. And then some tea and reading while we waited for the competition to start.

Conor’s long was top of the agenda. Skating first and with a few spills, he put in a good effort. A few hours later, I had a 50 minute practice session. Overall, it went well and I’m feeling pretty good.

Once practice was over, it was time for one more cuppa and then to the van ( no real bus this time ) back to the hotel. I’m so happy I was asleep on the way back. From what I hear, it had started snowing a great deal and the roads were terrible and we were slipping all over the place.

The day finished with a very late and healthy dinner (at 9.30 and consisting of chips and cupcakes). Looking forward to some sleep, not so much losing an hour..

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