Clara Peters Blogs From Triglav Trophy (Part 3)

Clara Peters & Conor Stakelum at Triglav Trophy 2013In the third part of her series of blogs from the Triglav Trophy in Slovenia Clara Peters fills us in on her short, snowboarding, snowball fights and why you can never have too much tea.

After a decent breakfast, it was time to check out the village. There is little to do here.. I found a place that gives snowboarding lessons. Sadly, they close at 2pm every day and snowboarding before I’m done competing is not going to happen. Following a brief snowball fight and yet more tea, it was back to the hotel to get ready for the short.

Never will I complain about there only being one bus an hour ever again! After sitting around for what felt like ages, I got to start my off ice warm up.
The on ice warm up was…….. well, interesting with a few spills on silly stuff ( but the warm up is really just that, a warm up). Once I got my feet going, it was all good. Overall, I was happy with the short and I’m looking forward to the long.
Once finished I finally got a hot chocolate! It was so good!

It was then time for Conor’s practice. With a good practice for his long tomorrow finished, we were all happy to be leaving the rink.

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