Clara Peters Blogs From Triglav Trophy (Part 2)

Clara Peters, Short Programme Denkova Staviski Cup 2012Following her arrival in Slovenia yesterday, Clara Peters provides us with the second installment of her blog from the Triglav Trophy 2013.

The first day was off to a great start, especially with such a terrific short programme from Conor!!! We had a few hours to kill before my practice yesterday evening, so of course this meant it was time for tea. If there is anything the Irish team know how to do it is drink tea!

My practice went well. Even with all the travel and being at the rink all day, my legs, once warmed up, knew what they were doing. It’s always nice when things like happen. After running through my short and not falling on my footwork, I had just enough time for a few more jumps before a mad dash to get a bus. A bus that was not there. Once we eventually got back to the hotel, it was time for one more cuppa and then it was off to bed.

After a good nights sleep, waking up to snow covered mountains and a good amount of falling snow was a treat! I could get used to this. Looking forward to the short programme this afternoon!

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